How Do I Change My Address On PayPal?

How do I change my address on PayPal app?

On the PayPal app: Tap the Settings cog in the top right corner.

Tap Personal Info.

Tap Addresses….Click Manage all addresses.To add a new address, click Add address.

Enter the details and click Add Address.To change an address, click Update.

Make the edits and click Update Address.To remove an address, click Remove..

Why does PayPal need my address?

For security reasons, we may be required to confirm your identity. Confirming your address is also one of the verification steps required to lift the limits on your PayPal account. …

Can I use a fake address on PayPal?

Re: Can I use a fake address? That would be fraudulent. Such accounts get limited/closed unexpectedly and you would be blocked from opening another PayPal account.

Can I have two PayPal accounts?

Yes. You can have one Personal account and one Business account. You can add more email addresses, debit or credit cards, and bank accounts to your account, but each account must have its own email address and financial information.

Can I give my PayPal address to anyone?

It’s perfectly safe to give them your email address – as long as they don’t know your password – but usually what happens after that, is if it is a scammer, you start receiving fake emails trying to get you to believe money is in your account…… when it really was never sent at all.

Can you change shipping address after purchase?

You can change your shipping address after you place an order as long as the item has not shipped. Typically, you can only do this the same day an order was placed because items are shipped as fast as possible.

How do I find the shipping address on PayPal?

Re: How do I find my buyers shipping address? If you go to your PayPal account, find the transaction, and click on “Details” all the info will be there. It will tell you to “Ship to this address”.

When someone sends you money on PayPal do they see your address?

Re: When someone sends you money, what info can they see? You can see the Sender’s PayPal email address, their name, and optional note.

How do I send a PayPal anonymously?

To make an anonymous online payment with PayPal, you’ll need to register a payment card or bank account. When you make the transaction, your recipient will only see your registered name and e-mail address.

How do I change my primary email address?

Step 1: Check if you can change it. On your Android phone or tablet, open your device’s Settings app Google. Manage your Google Account. At the top, tap Personal info. … Step 2: Change it. Next to your email address, select Edit . Enter the new email address for your account.

Why can’t PayPal change my primary address?

Your primary address on PayPal is your shipping address, so make sure it is updated if you purchase something online with PayPal. You cannot change your primary address to one in another country; if you’re moving internationally, you will have to close your PayPal account and start a new one.

How do I remove addresses from PayPal?

On the PayPal app: Tap the Settings cog in the top right corner….Tap Addresses.To add a new address, tap +, enter the details and tap Add.To edit an address, tap the address, tap to edit, make your edits, then tap Change.To remove an address, tap the address, then tap Remove.

How do I change my shipping address on PayPal after purchase?

Go to your account overview. Under your blue tabs at the top you will see several headings; all the way to the left is “profile”. Hover over it and it will offer a drop down. Just choose “add or change address”, change it and you’re done.

How do I add shipping address to PayPal?

Here’s how to change the shipping address:On the payment page, enter the recipient’s email address and amount.Click + Add a new shipping address under the shipping address dropdown menu.Enter the address information and click Save.Follow the steps to complete your payment.