Question: How Can I Activate My Lycamobile Data Bundle?

How do I activate my Lycamobile bundle?

How do I activate a national bundle on my Lycamobile.

Please visit our UK Plans page where you will find the specific activation code for the bundle that you are interested in.

Alternatively you can always call Customer Services on 322 from your Lycamobile..

What is the bundle code for Lycamobile?

Bundle CodesBundle NameBundle Code£7.50 UK Plan S (with 500MB data)Dial *139*10744# or text 10744 to 3535£10 National Plus (with 3GB data)Dial *139*11544# or text 11544 to 3535£15 UK Plan Super (with 6GB data)Dial *139*1544# or text 1544 to 3535£20 UK Plan Mega (with 11GB data)Dial *139*2044# or text 2044 to 35355 more rows•Jul 28, 2020

How do I set up my lycamobile data?

Here are a few easy to follow steps that can help you with setting up your APN for Android Lycamobile UK:Go to settings from the Android Home screen.Select the wireless and networks.Choose the mobile networks &; APN (Access point names)Then select the Menu button.The new APN should appear, tap the new APN.More items…•

How do I know if my Lyca Sim is active?

How do I check if a bundle is active on my Lycamobile? Please remember that you can always dial *137# to check your balance and allowance details on your Lycamobile account.

How do I get internet on lycamobile?

Customer Service Please call Customer Services to instantly activate your Mobile Web service – call FREE on 322 from your Lycamobile or 0207 132 0322 from any other phone.

How do you add data bundle on lycamobile?

When you use all your data allowance before the expiry date you can continue using data but will be charged at our Standard National Pay As You Go rates. To add more data to your existing bundle, simply purchase a Data Bolt On. This will be valid until your bundle expires.

Why is my lycamobile data slow?

There are high chances that your Lycamobile internet has stopped or slowed down due to insufficient balance. Make sure to have enough credit to surf the internet with great speed. As much as VPNs are known for providing security and privacy, they can also cause the internet to perform slower than usual in some cases.

Does lycamobile have unlimited data?

Lycamobile has launched unlimited data plans, and these also give you unlimited minutes and texts. One of these plans gives you unlimited data at 4G speeds, while on the other speeds are capped after the first 9GB of usage per month to just 128kbps, which is only around 5-10% of normal 4G speeds.

How do I subscribe to Lyca bundle?

****If you get this bundle online, you get 20GB otherwise 11GB….Lycamobile UK All-in-One Bundles (National)PackageNational PlusInternationalEU RoamingValidity30 DaysSubscriptionDial *139*2544# or Type 2544 and send it to 353532 more rows•Jun 12, 2019

Why is my Lyca bundle not working?

Why am I still unable to activate a bundle? This could possibly be due to an active data connection. Please turn off mobile data and restart your handset. If the problem continues, please contact Customer Services on 322 from your Lycamobile.

What is the APN for Lycamobile?

641 26 Lycamobile APN SettingsAPNdata.lycamobile.ugAndroid APNdata.lycamobile.ugAuth typePAPMVNO typespnMVNO valueLycamobile8 more rows

How do I check my bundle on lycamobile?

Check your allowance: Every time you will be able to check your balance by dialling *137# (then press call) for free of charge.

How do I top up my Lycamobile bundle?

You can top-up using a debit or credit card online; alternatively, you can top-up over the phone by calling us on 373 or 322 from your Lycamobile.

How do I check my lycamobile data?

How do I check the balance on my Data Bundle? To check your balance, (free of charge) simply dial *136# and press the Call/OK button.