Question: How Can I Use My Smart SIM Reward?

How do I use my smart free load rewards?

How do I redeem Smart Perks items?To redeem Perks, text REDEEM to 9800.You may redeem rewards here through your My Smart account..

How do I check my free TNT balance?

Via CallDial 214# and press Call to receive your balance information via text (free).Dial 1515 and press call to receive your balance information via text (P1 per text).Dial *121# and press Call to view your regular load balance via an onscreen message. You can also subscribe to prepaid offers this way.

How can I borrow load from Smart 50 pesos?

Just dial *121# and select the Balance and Services section. Click Smart Credit and choose your preferred package. 5 texts and 2-minute call to Smart/TNT. 10 pesos will be deducted in your next load.

How do you Utang load?

Utang Load TNT Internet PromosTo borrow 20 minutes internet surfing + 1 text valid for 1 hour, text SAKLOLOAD SURF10 to 7676. … To borrow 6 hours 8MB Clash of Clans (COC5) valid for 1 day, dial *5623# or *LOAD# then select CLASH OF CLANS.More items…•

How can I borrow 50 load in Globe?

Borrowing load for Globe and TM is easy! Just send an SMS with the keyword registration or dial *143# and select LOANS for Globe.

How do I claim my free load rewards on TNT?

Before you can redeem any of the TNT rewards listed, you need to register first by texting TREATSFirst Name/Middle Initial/Last Name send it to 9800 free of charge. To know your remaining or earned points, just text POINTS to 9800.

How do I redeem my TNT points?

To redeem rewards, simply text REDEEMKEYWORD to 9800.

How do I check my smart load balance?

Dial and call 214# and press Call to receive load balance information via text. Dial and call *121# and press Call to view regular load balance (and subscribe to prepaid offers). Log on to My Smart Dashboard to regularly check balance online. Registration and linking of account are needed.

How do I request a load in TNT?

How to Borrow Load in Smart or TNT (Smart SOS Load) Thru Dial Method. You just need to directly dial or call the given number to borrow load or text. Dial *767. … Thru Text/SMS Registration. You can also borrow load or text by sending your desired service keyword to 7676. SOS BIG7 to 7676 (For Smart) / SAKLOLOAD BIG7 to 7676 (For TNT) … Thru USSD Code Method.

How do you earn MVP rewards?

You just need to register one MVP Rewards account and enroll all your Smart, TNT, Sun, PLDT, and Cignal accounts under it. Earn points by paying your bills on time or by loading up and get cash back.

How can I borrow 50 from TNT 2020?

Dial *LOAD# or *5623 then press Call button, after the call you will see a selection menu for load options you can choose from. The amount of borrowed load will then be deducted to your next load.

How do you use big Bente TNT?

How to avail TNT Big Bente Promo – 20% load rebate?Dial *123#.Go to BIG BENTE menu.Choose Check GIGA promos.Select the desired offer and subscribe.Wait for successful SMS confirmation.Enjoy 20% load rebate.