Question: How Does Intermediate Technology Help Reduce The Development Gap?

How can tourism close the development gap?

Tourism can be a good way for countries to bring in money.

Many middle income countries (MICs) and low income countries (LICs) benefit from tropical climates, exotic ecosystems and beautiful landscapes.

Tourists will travel to visit these locations.

They spend a lot of money, which helps countries to develop..

How does aid reduce the development gap?

There are lots of ways that can help to reduce the development gap. Large companies can locate part of their business in other countries. This helps a country to develop as the companies build factories, lay roads and install internet cables. Aid is when one or more countries give money to other countries.

What is a development gap?

The Development Gap refers to the widening difference in levels of development between the world’s richest and poorest countries. There are many different measures used to assess the development gap.

What are the causes and consequences of uneven development?

Uneven development leads to people migrating. This can be voluntary migration where people search for a better life (pull factors). People who do this known as economic migrants. Others are forced to move as the result of natural disasters or wars.

How does trade imbalance affect development?

The internationalisation of production appears to have caused a decline in the global wage share, while large trade imbalances may have acted as a break on growth.

What are the 3 causes of uneven development?

There are many factors which lead to, and have led to, the world being unevenly developed. From historical human factors such as conflict (war) and political instability, to physical factors such as climate, relief and natural hazards.

What are the problems faced in selecting appropriate technology?

The barriers have been identified as: AT seen as inferior or “poor person’s” technology, technical transferability and robustness of AT, insufficient funding, weak institutional support, and the challenges of distance and time in tackling rural poverty.

What is a disadvantage of intermediate technology?

One disadvantage of appropriate technology is that sometimes a solution simply does not work as planned. … But appropriate technological solutions pose more problems for large scale applications. Some forms of sustainable resources are very expensive and not practical for extensive use.

What do we call technology that improves quality of life while being easy to use affordable to get and cheap to maintain?

Micro wind turbines are a form of appropriate technology as they are inexpensive to buy and easy to maintain, this makes them suitable for less developed countries and can support future development.

What are the challenges of appropriate technology?

Some of those barriers include: i) AT seen as inferior or poor person’s technology, ii) obstacles of cultural appropriateness, iii) problems of technical robustness, iv) transferability and the fit within current industrial and economic systems, v) barriers of distance and time in solving rural poverty, vi) as well as …

What are the 4 indicators of development?

Here, we shall look at some of the most common indicators of development used in geography.Gross Domestic Product (GDP) … Gross National Product (GNP) … GNP per capita. … Birth and death rates. … The Human Development Index (HDI) … Infant mortality rate. … Literacy rate. … Life expectancy.

What are the barriers to development?

Declining terms of trade. Savings gap; inadequate capital accumulation. Foreign currency gap and capital flight. Corruption, poor governance, impact of civil war.

How does trade help a country to develop?

Trade contributes to eradicating extreme hunger and poverty (MDG 1), by reducing by half the proportion of people suffering from hunger and those living on less than one dollar a day, and to developing a global partnership for development (MDG 8), which includes addressing the least developed countries’ needs, by …

What are the main economic reasons for uneven development?

Causes of Uneven Development (Different Impacts (Historical causes are… Economic weakness slows down development for various reasons. The main exports of undeveloped countries are Primary Products, which are not as valuable as manufactured goods. This can lead to a trade deficit.

What causes development gap?

The gap is generally caused by rich countries being able to exploit the poorer countries as they have the dominant political power to be able to do so. As a result, the poorer countries suffer from lack of resources and spiral into poverty cycles which widen the development gap.

The price of manufactured goods is steadier which means that developed countries always benefit. A trade surplus allows a country’s economy to grow, while a trade deficit makes a country poorer. Increasing trade and reducing their balance of trade deficit is essential for the development of a country.

How is the development gap measured?

It measures the total amount of all of the goods and services within a country each year, divided by the number of people who live there. The final figure is always given in US dollars so that an easy comparison can be made between different countries.

What makes some countries richer than others?

Economic factors – some countries have very high levels of debt . This means that they have to pay a lot of money in interest and repayments and there is very little left over for development projects. … Natural resources – some countries have an abundance of raw materials such as oil or precious minerals.