Quick Answer: How Can I Get Free GCash MasterCard?

Can I have 2 GCash Mastercard?

A GCash Customer can have more than one GCash Wallet registered under his/her name.

However, only one type of GCash MasterCard can be linked to a GCash Wallet..

How long does it take to get GCash Mastercard?

within 10 daysOnce paid, you can expect to receive your card within 10 days upon confirmation of your payment. We encourage you to claim your own card and provide identification (any valid ID) as proof that you are the one who ordered the card.

Can I cash out GCash in 7 11?

Currently, we cannot cash out for 7-11s. However, we can buy GCash Mastercards, the main downside they are not always available.

Can I use GCash without Internet?

GCash can now be used without load*! Cash-in, buy load, send money, pay bills even without load. To learn more, visit www.gcash.com/gcash-is-now-zero-rated! …

How do I cash out my GCash 711?

ExpressPayGo to ExpressPay and inform them that you would like to Cash-Out of your GCash account.Fill out the GCash Service Form. Indicate your GCash-registered mobile number and desired amount.Present a valid ID.Wait for an SMS confirming your Cash-Out. … Receive the cash from the cashier once you have confirmed.

How can I recover my GCash Mastercard?

Please submit a ticket or call us via GCash Hotline 2882 so we can temporarily suspend your card and work towards getting you a new GCash MasterCard….Provide the following details in your message or email:Subject: Lost MasterCard.Details of your concern.Your name.Your mobile number.Email address.

How can I withdraw money from GCash without Mastercard?

How to Cash Out GCash without Card.Pawnshops. Villarica. Tambunting. Palawan Pawnshop.Supermarket. Puregold.Payment Facilities. Bayad Center. Expresspay.Department Stores. SM. Robinsons. It must be noted that Cash-Out transactions using these methods will incur a service fee of 2% of the total amount to be withdrawn.

How can I check GCash If no valid ID?

What if I don’t have a valid government ID? You can still have access to more features such as Send Money, for 1 year. You can get partially verified by clicking the option within the GCash App when you trigger the verification process. All you need is a selfie and some personal information and you’re good to go.

Is GCash Mastercard safe?

Yes, GCash is safe. It’s natural to have concerns, especially those who are new with any technology. However, like any other method where you place your money like ATM, passbook, even in a ‘piggy bank or alkansya’, you need to follow safety reminders to minimize any risk of loss.

How can I register my GCash Mastercard?

You can also activate your GCash Mastercard yourself by typing *143# on your phone, go to Option 9 for GCash, then Option 2 for GCash Card Activation, Enter your GCash Mastercard number, then finally Enter your MPIN to verify and complete transaction.

How do I pay my GCash Mastercard?

Head back to the dashboard and tap “Pay Bills.” Tap “Payment Solutions” and tap “GCash Mastercard.” Enter your GCash mobile number and your PHP 150 payment before tapping “Next.” Your GCash Mastercard will be delivered to you within 10 days.