Quick Answer: What Is Force RecordData?

Can we use standard controller in lightning component?

If you have worked on Visualforce and started playing with Lightning Component, you must have identified one important missing feature, which is standard Controller.

One Lightning Component is used to show some fields and other component is used to edit same record..

How do you use lightning data service?

To create a record using Lightning Data Service, declare force:recordData without assigning a recordId. Next, load a record template by calling the getNewRecord function on force:recordData. Finally, apply values to the new record, and save the record by calling the saveRecord function on force:recordData.

How do you add two conditions in aura?

In aura:if tag we can not use [&& ,AND ,||, OR] operator for use multiple conditions in isTrue attribute, but…. we can use logical Functions in aura:if tag like or(), and() . in this sample code we can see how to use multiple Boolean conditions in aura:if tag.

How do you get the current page ID in lightning component?

The component’s controller can access the ID of the current record from the recordId attribute, using component. get(“v. recordId”) . The recordId attribute is automatically added to the component by the force:hasRecordId interface.

What is lightning card in Salesforce?

A lightning-card is used to apply a stylized container around a grouping of information. The information could be a single item or a group of items such as a related list. A lightning-card can contain a title, body, actions, and a footer. The title, actions, and footer are optional.

How do you enforce FLS in lightning component?

Enforce FLS & CRUD in Lightning Component Manually.isAccessible()isCreateable()isDeletable()isUpdateable()

How do you make a button in the lightning component?

How to create a custom button1) Switch to lightning experience. 2) Go to Setup > Objects and Fields > Object Manager. … 1) Go to Buttons, Links and Actions related list. 2) Click on New Action.1) You will observe a picklist with the label Action Type, which will have following option:

How do I find my user ID in lightning component?

You need to call the $A. get(“$SObjectType.CurrentUser.Id”) , to get the User Id in the Lightning JS Controller.

How do you get the record in lightning component?

Now we can add this lightning component on account detail page.Go to Account tab.Open any record.Click Setup (Gear Icon) and select Edit Page.Under Custom Components, find your CurrentrecordIdExample component and drag it on record page.Click Save and activate.

What is lightning data service in Salesforce?

Lightning Data Service is a centralized data caching framework which is used to load, save, create and delete a record without server-side apex code. It supports the sharing rules and field-level security as well.

How do you load a sObject record without writing apex logic in lightning component?

We can retrieve a record data without writing a single piece of Apex Server side code. We need to use the new force:recordData component to achieve this. Using this component, we can load, create, edit, or delete a record in your component without requiring Apex code.

What is the API on top of lightning data service is built on?

Lightning Data Service is built on top of User Interface API. UI API is a public Salesforce API that Salesforce uses to build Lightning Experience and Salesforce for iOS and Android.

What is the use of Aura handler?

A component can handle its own event by using the tag in its markup. A parent component can set a handler action when it instantiates a child component in its markup.

What attributes are required when using force recordData to load a record when the component loads?

To load a record we need to add force:recordData tag in our component and specify the Id of the record to load, a list of fields and the attribute to which the loaded record is to be assigned. You can explicitly specify a list of fields to load with the fields attribute. … fields=”Name, BillingCity, BillingState”.

How do you use an aura in lightning?

aura:renderIf instantiates both the components in its body and the else attribute, but only renders one. If the state of isTrue changes, aura:if has to first instantiate the components for the other state and then render them. We recommend using aura:if instead of aura:renderIf to improve performance.

What are the benefits of adopting LDS?

Adopting LDS means you no longer have to write your own controller code. All your data access code is contained within the LDS component, significantly reducing the complexity of your apps and pages. This reduced complexity means that you don’t have to spend as much time on performance and quality testing.

What is Aura method in Salesforce?

aura method in lightning salesforce. Use aura:method to define a method as part of a component’s API. This enables you to directly call a method in a component’s client-side controller instead of firing and handling a component event.

How do you hide input fields in lightning component?

1 Answer. Use slds-hide instead of slds-hidden . So the thing is if you just want to disappear the element from the UI then use the slds-hidden and it will take its space. And to remove the space as well use the slds-hide .

How do you fetch and display list records in lightning component?

Display List of Records Using DataTable in Lightning ComponentApex Controller. public class DisplayListofRecordsUsingDataTable { @AuraEnabled public static list fetchLeadRecords(){ return [select LastName,Company,Status from Lead Order By createdDate DESC LIMIT 5]; } }Component : DisplayListofRecordsUsingDataTable. … Js Controller. … Application.

How do you display fields in lightning component?

To display Objects and its fields in a lightning component, follow the simple steps: First of all, create an apex class called “ObjectsFieldsList” which will act as our controller. The “getallobjects” method returns the list of sObjects. The “getAllFields” takes sObject as parameter and returns its fields.