Which Bunkers Can You Open With Red Access Card?

What do I do with the red access card in warzone?

Along with new weapons in the Gulag and reduced RPG damage, players can hunt down Red Access Cards to open a hidden vault filled with cash and high tier loot.

Theses can be perfect for supplying your team with early or even late-game items, since there are also killstreaks inside these vaults..

Where do you use the red access card?

Though Red Access Cards appeared (seemingly by accident) near the end of April, it was the May 18th, 2020 patch which formally introduced to the game, and allowed them to be used on Bunker doors.

Can bunker 11 still be opened?

Bunker 11 Warzone: how to get the secret blueprint and find the nuke. … However, the Red Access Keycard will not work on Bunker 11 in Warzone, which can only be opened using these Warzone phones and chasing down a code.

What do phones do in warzone?

When you find the right phone, you will hear someone speaking Russian, accompanied by a chime. The Russian person will then read three numbers (in Russian) followed by another chime.

Where is farmland bunker?

VerdanskFarmland Bunker Location Found in grid H-6 of Verdansk, at the lower right edge of the map. The keypad is found inside the largest structure in the area.

Where are the bunkers located in warzone?

Call of Duty: Warzone Bunker Locations Bunker 1: There’s a Bunker southwest of Boneyard and northwest of Promenade West. Bunker 2: Another Bunker in between Boneyard and Storage Town. Bunker 3: A third Bunker off this path just outside Superstore.

What does the red keycard open?

Red Access Cards are used to open up otherwise locked bunkers. These secret bunkers contain tons of loot and even rare blueprints. Gain access to bunkers by interacting with the keypad near bunkers that have green lights.

How do I open the vault 11 warzone?

Opening Vault 11 Once you interact with all of the Morse Code phones in the correct order, you should have access to Vault 11, which is at the very top of the map above the Military Base fire house. If you completed all the necessary steps correctly, the vault light should be green and you can interact with the keypad.

Can you open bunker 11 plunder?

Inside Bunker 11 players can find tons of loot, the Mud Dauber MP7 blueprint, and a hidden nuke, which likely plays into an even larger Easter egg. We recommend you open the bunker in Plunder mode, as you’ll be running around the map a lot, and respawning will make unlocking this Easter egg much easier.

Which vaults are open in warzone?

Where Are the Vaults in WarzoneBunker 00: South of Zozsni Spomenik.Bunker 01: Between the Kart Racing Track and Junkyard.Bunker 02: Directly north of the Junkyard.Bunker 03: Through a trap door next to Bunker 02.Bunker 04: In the cliffs southeast of Gora Dam.Bunker 05: At the Crash Site.More items…•

What is the code for the bunker near Boneyard?

Go to the door and enter the code into the keypad to the right: 87624851.

What is the code for the bunker by Boneyard?

The bunker is located to the south-west of Boneyard and north of the Go-Kart Track. Enter the code 97264138.

How do you open the bunker level 10?

To access Bunker 10 in Warzone you need to:Head to F8 on the Warzone map.The bunker is south of the Park and just to the east of the War Memorial.Enter the code 60274513.