Which SBI Home Loan Is Better?

Which home loan is best in SBI?

SBI Home Loan OffersSBI Home loan schemesInterest rate for salariedSBI Interest rate of self-employedSBI Repo Rate Linked Home Loan6.80%6.80%SBI Shaurya Home Loan7.35%7.50%SBI Realty Home Loan7.65%7.65%SBI Home Loan Top Up7.90%8.05%1 more row.

Is SBI good for home loan?

Lastly, SBI is the largest home loan provider in terms of Home Loan Book value. In fact, SBI is the market leader in defining the direction of Mortgage industry. If SBI Home Loan interest rates are cut then all other home loan providers follow the suit. The best example is REPO Rate cut by RBI in January this year.

What is current SBI home loan rate?

SBI Regular Home Loan Interest Rates 2021Home LoanSalariedNon SalariedUpto 30 Lakh6.95% – 7.00%7.10% – 7.15%Above 30 lakh to 75 Lakh7.20% – 7.25%7.35% – 7.40%Above 75 Lakh7.30% – 7.35%7.45% – 7.50%

Which bank home loan is best?

These 10 banks are offering the lowest home loan interest rates for salaried individuals.BANK NAMERLLRMaximum Interest Rate (%)Canara Bank6.908.90Axis Bank6.908.55ICICI Bank6.908.05Indian Bank6.807.506 more rows•4 days ago